Targeting API

Automated filtering
for you

Reach the ideal audience of your campaign instantly with an automated filtering
from the rich Inquiro database.

Identify your preferred audience

Easily create audience profiles with our A2P 
Targeting API’s automated filtering.

Maximize your reach

As your audience profiles are made 
programmatically, you’re assured that your 
messages are received by the correct audience.

Integrate with your platform

It’s easily integrated into existing platforms and processes within your business.


This solution is best for...

Food & Beverage
Mid-Enterprise Businesses
Banking & Financial Institutions
Travel & Hospitality

What our customers say


“Inquiro provides us with a more holistic view of our consumers while still adhering to data privacy laws. The enriched data enables us to curate offers and content relevant to our consumers.”

Dani Medina, Dynamic Audience Specialist - Unilever PH

"Inquiro's partnership with InMobi for audience targeting resulted in 1.5x better campaign performance."

Drashty Mehta, Partner Solutions Manager, APAC - InMobi

"SB Finance acquired 3.54% CTR after the HSMS campaign, as compared to 2% average CTR."

Rica Bautista, Digital Customer Engagement Specialist - Security Bank Finance


How our Targeting API can further help your business.

Where does Inquiro get their data?
We are not allowed to disclose our data sources, but the Inquiro Profile is composed of millions of unique data points from demographics, telco, lifestyle, purchase behavior and intent to location data that are aggregated from different data sources and partners.
How do we ensure that the data is secure?
Inquiro takes data privacy really seriously and abides with 917Ventures and Globe's data privacy efforts. Upon client onboarding, we make sure that Data Processing Agreement (DPA) is in place and that Inquiro will only enrich data that clients already own and act only as a data processor, not a data controller. Also, the data being profiled is aggregated and anonymized for additional security.
Can I download other data apart from the mobile numbers?
Because of the Data Processing Agreement (DPA), you will only be able to download the mobile numbers of the profiles created.
How can we ensure that you don’t share our data with your other clients?
We in Inquiro are champions of data privacy and security and we only use the mobile numbers sent for matching and no other purpose. Each client’s data is stored separately and not combined with any other database. For more information on Inquiro's privacy policy and your rights as a client, visit Privacy Policy.