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Where does Inquiro get their data?
We are not allowed to disclose our data sources, but the Inquiro Profile is composed of millions of unique data points from demographics, telco, lifestyle, purchase behavior and intent to location data that are aggregated from different data sources and partners.
How do we ensure that the data is secure?
Inquiro takes data privacy really seriously and abides with 917Ventures and Globe's data privacy efforts. Upon client onboarding, we make sure that Data Processing Agreement (DPA) is in place and that Inquiro will only enrich data that clients already own and act only as a data processor, not a data controller. Also, the data being profiled is aggregated and anonymized for additional security.
Can I download other data apart from the mobile numbers?
Because of the Data Processing Agreement (DPA), you will only be able to download the mobile numbers of the profiles created.
How can we ensure that you don’t share our data with your other clients?
We in Inquiro are champions of data privacy and security and we only use the mobile numbers sent for matching and no other purpose. Each client’s data is stored separately and not combined with any other database. For more information on Inquiro's privacy policy and your rights as a client, visit Privacy Policy.
Will new cohorts be added in the Inquiro Dashboard?
Yes, if there are new cohorts it will reflect during the monthly refresh.
Is there a limit to the profiles created and downloaded?
No, there is no limit to the profiles created and downloaded.
Can I redownload the same audience?
Yes, you can redownload the same audience just go to the Transaction History found in the Inquiro Dashboard navigation bar.
How many customer bases can we upload to the dashboard?
You get one dashboard for each customer base uploaded, we then match this to our current profiles.
Is there a way to know if the numbers of the customers are active?
Inquiro refreshes our base every month, so as long as they match with our base–they are most likely an active number or have used their number in the last month.
How many profiles are there on the Inquiro base?
There are around 80 million profiles on Inquiro’s base which are also updated periodically.
Can Inquiro’s data look into historical / seasonal data of consumers?
No, Inquiro’s products currently cannot do this because the database only holds current data which is updated monthly.
What is the match rate of Inquiro’s matching?
Inquiro’s match rate from the clients’ database to the Inquiro database is around 80 to 90 percent.
Will new cohorts be added to the database?
Yes, Inquiro does its best in providing new cohorts for clients and is visible in the monthly refresh of date.
What is the minimum duration for a subscription of the Audience Builder?
The minimum duration is three months. Most clients usually avail for a one year subscription.
What is the difference between using the Audience Builder and just using the targeting on Facebook or Google?
• We specialize in understanding the profiles of the Filipino audience.

• Our data is actually based on usage, so it paints a better picture of your customers.

• The tool allows you to understand your own customer base and more importantly it allows you to take action from the insights you gathered–utilizing it in your marketing campaigns: SMS, Viber, Messaging, Programmatic, Social Media Ads (you are not just locked into one platform, but are able to use it across different channels).