Cashless Payment in the Philippines: 6 Best E-Wallets to Consider

Inquiro Posted on February 16, 2024

The Philippines has witnessed a remarkable surge in cashless payment adoption due to the global pandemic. It has revolutionized the way businesses and consumers transact. In 2022, digital payments take 42.1% of the total volume for retail payments, a significant jump from the previous year. This number emphasizes how cashless transactions have become a necessity for many. 


In effect, digital wallets also increased in prominence, transforming the financial habits of Filipinos. These solutions offer many benefits to consumers and businesses alike—with simplicity, security, and efficiency topping the list. Due to this, you must select the right digital wallet tailored to your business needs and strategies—here’s what you need to know.

What Are Cashless Payments? 

In a nutshell, cashless payments are transactions with no physical cash involved. This mode of payment has gained significant traction and has become more prominent in recent years due to its numerous advantages. Firstly, it offers unparalleled convenience wherein users can transact swiftly and seamlessly. It also allows for secure digital transactions that can minimize the risks of loss or theft. 


There are many cashless payment methods in the Philippines today, such as debit and credit cards, mobile banking apps, and even contactless payment alternatives. These choices cater to diverse preferences and situations for customers. Understanding these options can help you utilize cashless payment methods more effectively and stay ahead of the curve.

What Are E-wallets? 

Short for electronic wallets, e-wallets are digital counterparts to traditional leather ones. They store a user’s financial information securely and facilitate online and offline transactions with just a tap or a scan. Its primary advantage lies in its streamlined convenience, as it does not need physical cash or cards. With e-wallets, users can pay, transfer funds, and even manage their finances—all at their fingertips.


Much like cashless payments, the security features of e-wallets further enhance their appeal. Biometric authentication, PIN codes, and encryption protocols ensure robust protection for financial data.


The popularity of e-wallet use in the Philippines continues to increase, especially with its versatility and convenience—which offers an innovative and efficient way of managing financial transactions on the go.

6 Top Digital Wallets for Cashless Payment in the Philippines

The country’s financial landscape has experienced a wave of transformations, shifting from a traditional payment option to a digital method. With the rise of the cashless payment system in the Philippines, various digital wallets have cropped up. Each one offers a unique set of features and advantages. Here are some of the most used e-wallets in the Philippines today.

1. GCash

GCash, a pioneer in the Philippine digital payment scene, stands out with its user-friendly interface and diverse functionalities. Apart from basic transactions and fund transfers, GCash enables users to pay bills, purchase prepaid loads, and even invest in mutual funds—all within the app. 


This versatility makes GCash a staple for both individual consumers and businesses seeking an all-in-one financial solution. It comes as no surprise that the e-wallet now has over 76 million users as of 2022.

2. Maya

This rising star in the e-wallet arena prides itself on simplicity and accessibility. Maya allows transactions without a traditional bank account, addressing the needs of the unbanked population, which comprises 44% of the bankable population in the country. 


With features like bills payment, remittances, and even cash withdrawals from partner establishments, Maya provides financial inclusion in a user-friendly package that caters to a broad spectrum of users. Currently, the platform has over 40 million users and counting. 

3. GrabPay

Known for its roots in ride-hailing, GrabPay has evolved into a comprehensive e-wallet service. On top of paying for rides, users can now shop online, order food, and settle bills seamlessly. This integration into daily life enhances the user experience and benefits businesses by expanding their visibility through GrabPay’s extensive user base.

4. combines the convenience of an e-wallet with additional financial services—such as cryptocurrency trading and mobile load purchases. Its standout feature includes allowing users to convert Bitcoin into the country’s currency, showcasing innovation in the digital finance space. For businesses, provides a platform for accepting payments and managing finances efficiently. 


That said, the e-platform currently has a user base of 16 million.

5. 7-Eleven Cliqq

This e-wallet in the Philippines offers a highly accessible digital payment experience. Users can load their wallets at any 7-Eleven store and use them for various transactions, whether within the franchise store or online. It also allows them to accumulate reward points, which they can use for promo codes and more. With this, 7-Eleven Cliqq becomes an attractive option for those seeking a widely accepted digital payment solution. 

6. PayPal

While not native to the country, this e-wallet has made waves in the cashless payment system in the Philippines. According to 2022 statistics, 49% of respondents state that they often use PayPal to complete transactions. Its international reach facilitates cross-border payments, a valuable feature for businesses engaged in global trade.

5 Benefits of Digital Wallets

Indeed, digital wallets have emerged as catalysts for transformative change. These electronic solutions offer many advantages that shape how businesses and consumers navigate the financial landscape in the Philippines.

1. Accelerates cross-border payments

Digital wallets allow for swift and efficient cross-border payments, regardless of location. It eliminates the delays associated with traditional methods, such as processing times and high fees and costs. If you’re a business engaged in global trade, using e-wallets can enhance the overall efficiency of your cross-border transactions.

2. Enhances security

The heightened security that e-wallets in the Philippines offer can safeguard cashless payment processes, contributing to increased customer trust. With features like biometric authentication, encryption protocols, and verification, you can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized transactions or data breaches.

3. Increases convenience

One of the standout benefits of digital wallets is that they eliminate the need to carry cash. Customers won’t have to deal with the hassle associated with physical currency transactions. Concerns about the availability of change or making exact payments are alleviated, as e-wallets enable precise transactions down to the centavo.


It also contributes to an improved customer experience. The sheer convenience of tapping or scanning to make a payment enhances the overall efficiency of financial transactions.

4. Optimizes financial operations

For many businesses, adopting e-wallets means less reliance on physical money. With digital wallets, the time spent counting bills and coins at the end of each business day is minimized, thanks to comprehensive transaction records. This optimization goes even further than convenience. It streamlines processes while reducing the risks associated with handling and transporting cash.

5. Prevents business disruptions

Digital wallets act as a safeguard against business disruptions due to unforeseen events, such as natural disasters or emergencies. With digital transactions, your business can maintain financial operations easily, ensuring continuity even in challenging circumstances.

Reshape Your Financial Experience with Digital Wallets

Adopting e-wallets and cashless payments in the Philippines paves the way for transformative benefits—from enhancing security to fostering customer convenience—that can shape how businesses and consumers transact. As the digital payment landscape evolves, the advantages position digital wallets as a cornerstone in the future of financial transactions.


It’s best to know your customers’ preferred e-wallet and cashless payment methods to stay relevant in today’s market. That said, reach out to Inquiro to learn more about your audience and their cashless payment needs. Our business analytics solutions can help you leverage the benefits of e-wallets and exceed your customers’ expectations.


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