Scoring APIs:
Credibility Score

This scoring API lets you measure the overall trustworthiness of a consumer from a behavioral perspective.


How We Derive Credibility Score

It is an intuitive self-service dashboard for you to see a holistic view of consumer behaviour trends. It’s complete with optimized tools and resources that transform data into valuable and actionable insights to help you explore various opportunities

Data Points


Assess the risk profiles of your customers with just a mobile number

We look across omni-channel touch points from consumers to derive credit-based scores with just your customer’s mobile number.

AI-Powered Scores

We use a proprietary machine-learning algorithm to extract a normalized score to estimate trustworthiness.

Data-Driven Decisions for your Customers

Make better decisions with more sources of information made available to you in seconds with Inquiro’s Credibility Score

Easily integrate this solution with your existing processes

Assess customers with limited or no available financial data, provide additional insights to existing credit scoring models or co-develop this solution to fit your needs.

Better Results For your Business

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