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Know Your People Through Market Scan

Investigating patterns on dating app users gave us a glimpse on how data can provide insights on specific groups of people – using lifestage distribution, gender, wealth segmentation, app use, etc.

What if we remove the filters and analyze the whole population this time? What if we compare our audience (dating app users) to the general market in the Philippines?

The dataset we’re going to use here is a random sample of around half a million data subjects using dating apps this December among the Market Scan dataset. We will call these data subjects as our audience. This will be evaluated against a Market Scan sample report.

The Market Scan is designed to reflect the Philippines market, with its data based on actual customer behavior. It includes information such as lifestage, wealth segmentation, age, gender, interests, and many more. Some of which will be shown in this article.

First, let’s do a quick profiling of our audience.

Around 75% of our base or audience are between young adulthood and middle age. Additionally, males make up 54.5% of our audience.

There are around 10% more men than women using dating apps in our market scan. With this info, we can expand our user base by encouraging more women to use our dating apps and bridge this gap.


When we compare this with national trends, we can see that our audience matches the distribution in the Philippines quite poorly. Relative to the country we are missing some senior adults in our market audience. This could be by design as we are avoiding having seniors adults in our audience as they are less likely to pay for in-app features. Additionally, older generations are less prominent in dating apps.

This is an excellent way of providing context to our market audience. Without the Market Scan report for the Philippines, we have less information to anchor our hypothesis that we are in fact successful in filtering out groups we are not interested in having.

These two figures side by side also support our conclusion from the previous article.

If I am managing a dating app, I definitely want to know the wealth distribution of my audience.

Wealth segmentation of our audience shows the majority of them are struggling (45.6%). This could be in conjunction with the fact that online dating users are skewed towards younger generations which are more likely to be less financially stable.


In the business point of view, if we want to expand our users to reflect the general market, we need to target more emerging individuals. We also need to know which segment is more likely to spend money on our services and focus on bringing in more users coming from that wealth segment.



As dating apps are often location based, it would be helpful to look at the distribution of our audience per region.



We can see here that our audience is skewed towards highly urbanized regions. Almost 20% of our dating app users are in NCR. If we are managing this dating app, we can focus on dating app users in lower-user areas with features that increase their visibility radius, as they are more likely to run out of potential matches within their proximity.


Overall, this article featuring Market scan for December reveals the following:

  • A randomly selected sample of dating app users tends to come from struggling and slightly from affluent populations.

  • In terms of lifestage, there’s more adults and young adults in our audience relative to the general average.

  • There are more males than females using dating apps.

The Market Scan report provides a holistic and dynamic view of the market in the Philippines. It helps provide context on our own audience, with respect to the general market trends. The Market Scan report is not limited to these visualizations. The whole report includes more insights on audience interests, financial products and services, family & relationships etc.

Interested to uncover new insights about the market? Get in touch with us today and let’s see what we can discover together. Email us at info@inquiro.ph.

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