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360º Customer Dashboard

The Inquiro 360º Customer Dashboard + Audience Builder enriches your understanding of consumers and allows you to create rich customer segments and audiences by providing a holistic view of consumers including their preferences and behaviors.

The 360 Customer Dashboard & Audience Builder is a customer data platform that is intuitive, self-service, and most importantly, easy to navigate.

Enrich your customer understanding as we bring you a snapshot of your customers’ demographics, purchase intent, and interests.

The Audience Builder can segment and profile your customers, so you can find the best audiences for your campaigns.

How the dashboard is valuable to your business

Craft the right message to your audience

Through our Audience Builder, a customer insights tool, segment your customers based on their interest and purchase intent and serve them the right product, content, and message.

Enrich your customer understanding for future campaigns

Learn more about your customers and come up with more campaigns, products, and solutions that would better help them in the future.

Use Your Insights for Digital Marketing

Execute better digital campaigns on social media by using the insights you’ve gathered through our customer insights platform the 360 Customer Dashboard + Audience Builder.


A stronger video campaign for a telco company. Through utilizing the 360 Customer Dashboard + Audience Builder, we were able to optimize our YouTube campaign garnering over 140K views and total view-through rates of 28.46%, an 89.73% uplift versus the industry benchmark. TELECOMMUNICATIONS
Powering programmatic for a telco company. Our Customer Dashboard + Audience Builder was able to reach the right audiences and tap into interested markets through their campaign that garnered over 11K clicks, a 59.7% uplift versus the industry benchmark. TELECOMMUNICATIONS

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